Let's do a sprint this week!

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Monday is for mapping. Get the team together, share knowledge, understand the actual problem and choose a target for your sprint. Remember to "start at the end", that "nobody knows everything" and keep "reframing problems as opportunities". GV made some slides for kicking it off.

  • Agenda for Monday

    10:00 — Checklist & introductions

  • 10:15 — Long-term goal & sprint questions

  • 11:30 — Make a map

  • 13:00 — Lunch

  • 14:00 — Ask the Experts

    Everyone makes HowMightWe notes!
  • 16:00 — Organize & vote on HMW

  • 16:30 — Pick a target


Tuesday is for sketching. Start the day by sharing inspiration and then get everyone drawing and doodling. Remember to "remix and improve", that anyone can sketch, "concrete beats abstract" and "work alone together". Don't forget to start recruiting those users for Friday.

Want to know more? Get GV's take
  • Agenda for Tuesday

    10:00 — Lightning Demos

    Three minutes per demo!
  • 12:30 — Divide or Swarm

    Who sketches what?
  • 13:00 — Lunch

  • 14:00 — Four Step Sketch

    Notes (20 min), Ideas (20 min), Crazy 8s (8 min), Solution Sketch (30-90 min)


Now we need to make some decisions! Start the day by plastering the room with solution sketches and have everyone review them. Quickly pick winning sketches and get a storyboard done. Please "don't drain the battery", don't let new abstracts ideas sneak in and work with what you have.

  • Agenda for Wednesday

    10:00 — Sticky Decision

    Art Museum, Heat Map, Speed Critique, Straw Poll & Supervote
  • 11:30 — Divide winners, Rumble, Fake Brand Name & Note-and-Vote

  • 13:00 — Lunch

  • 14:00 — Make a storyboard

    Draw grid, Choose opening scene & Fill out storyboard


Finally we get to actually build something! Fake it till you make it and make a realistic façade. Assign roles as Maker, Stitcher, Writer and Asset Collector. Remember to write interview script for tomorrow, remind users about the test and buy some gift cards for them.

  • Agenda for Thursday

    10:00 — Pick the right tools

    Use something light and flexible
  • 10:00 — Divide and Conquer

  • 10:00 — Prototype!

  • 13:00 — Lunch

  • 14:00 — Prototype!

    Remember to stitch it together
  • ~15:00 — Trial run

    Especially Interviewer and Decider runs through it. Then finish up!


Now we've built a realistic prototype, we need to test it on actual users. Do five interviews with one interviewer, but let entire team watch and make notes. Remember to be a good host. Ask open-ended, or even broken, questions. Have "a curiosity mindset".

  • Agenda for Friday

    09:30 — Setup rooms

    Setup webcam to stream video and audio one-way to the other room
  • 10:00 — Conduct interviews

    Write notes: Direct quotes, observations, interpretations
  • 15:00 — Look for patterns

    Read notes from others and spot patterns in silence. Positive, negative, neutral?
  • 15:30 — Wrap up

    Review long-term goal and sprint questions – compare with patterns from interviews